Blossoming (taste) buds

Did you know that your taste buds grow more sensitive to subtle flavors when you cut back on salt, sugar and fat? It takes a couple of weeks, but if you stop eating over-flavored foods you will start to notice that previously bland foods taste wonderful. For example, brown rice (sans soy sauce) and air-popped popcorn (no butter or salt) will start to have a nutty flavor. Carrots, peas and corn will taste deliciously sweet, and a baked yam will be guilt-free heaven! Believe it or not, you will start to prefer your foods au natural because their flavors are more complex and interesting than the tastes of added salt, sugar and fat. Of course, healthier foods will taste bland until your taste buds adjust, but it’s worth it! Invest two weeks to start really enjoying healthy flavors again.

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