Holiday Health

Today I want you to get your creative juices flowing to think about how you can make your next birthday, anniversary, holiday or other special occasion not revolve around food!

Hopefully you are going to have lots of special occasions in your lifetime, so you can’t afford to indulge at every one. So here are some ideas for things you could do instead of just going out for a big meal:

Birthday Ideas
–have a mini-golf tournament
–get a group together for a yoga class to prove you’re not old
–do something silly, like go country line dancing

Anniversary Ideas
–go out dancing or take a dance lesson
–go for a walk on the beach
–hike to a beautiful place
–go for a scenic drive

Holidays with kids
–go hiking with your family on Easter to celebrate Springtime
–play a game in the park with your family
–go bowling
–do arts & crafts
–play a board game
–have a picnic
–create a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt

Other Celebrations
–have a spa day
–get massages
–go to a theme park (and bring your own healthy snacks)
–go to a climbing wall, batting cage, etc.
–ride horses
–play video games at an arcade

These things might take some extra effort, but they’re more fun than just pigging out and you won’t have the day-after guilt trip!

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