Food Pushers

We all know “food pushers”, those well-intentioned (or not) family or friends who are intent on getting us to “just have a bite.” They make us eat to avoid feeling rude or embarrassed, but unfortunately food eaten for them still ends up in our fat cells!

Defend yourself by preparing some phrases or strategies you can use next time. Practice them so you’ll be ready. Here are some examples:

  • “I’m just too full right now, but I’d love to take some for later.”
  • “I can’t eat another bite, but it was delicious! Can I have the recipe?”
  • “I just brushed my teeth, so I’ll wait a few hours.”
  • “I know my husband would love this. Let me package this up and take some to him.”

A few planned phrases go a long way in this “food means love” culture of ours, so take a minute right now to think of some you can use.

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