The Corporate Athlete

Just like serious athletes use sports nutrition to stay strong and fast, the “corporate athletes” –those people who demand high achievement at work all week–need to use nutrition as a performance tool.

Nutrition can make all the difference to corporate performance because it affects mood, memory, mental stamina and cognitive endurance–all the things an executive or office worker uses to be their best.

The highest priority for the corporate athlete is to have optimal blood sugar throughout the day. The brain runs on blood sugar and can’t access energy from fat the way muscles can. This means that low blood sugar will make mood, memory and thinking slow down and suffer.

The solution is frequent low-glycemic snacks. Think fruit, string cheese, nuts, seeds, low-sugar yogurt, cottage cheese, sandwiches, salads, soups, and most foods that are unprocessed. By eating these snacks every few hours, the corporate athlete will notice that they think better all day, are less exhausted at night and are more relaxed for their family.

High performance of any kind–mental, cognitive or physical–needs great nutrition.

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