Every Meal Counts!

I have a true tale that shows just how fast your health can change after a few good or bad meals!

Today I met a client who was worried about his cholesterol because it had skyrocketed up to 320, despite his normally healthy diet. His doctor wanted to start him on medication that he would need to take for life.

We went over his diet and couldn’t find any problems for cholesterol. Upon further digging, we figured out that for a week preceding his last cholesterol test he had been on vacation eating fried foods, alcohol and very few fruits and veggies. He and his doctor had assumed that one week of abnormal eating couldn’t greatly influence a cholesterol test.

…but it can!

He went home and took another test and found his cholesterol was down to 190, a much better number.

This demonstrates how even just a few meals can drastically change your health! Cholesterol, blood sugar and triglycerides can all change radically after just a few bad meals. Newer research is suggesting that just a few healthy meals can immediately improve your resistance to cancer and I wouldn’t be surprised if your immune system, mood and all kinds of other health indices change fast too. Every meal counts!

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