Serving Size Deception

Research shows that people underestimate their caloric intake by around 30%. So this week I want to warn you about foods that seem guilt-free, but who’s calories add up fast if you don’t watch the serving size. I see lots of folks gain weight on these seemingly harmless foods:

  1. Fat-free whipped cream or Cool Whip: sure it’s only 15 calories per serving, but a serving is only 1-2 TBsp! Almost everything is low-calorie at that portion size! See how much you really use and do the math.

  2. Fat Free Parmesan Cheese: a serving is 15 calories, but that is for only 2 tsp.

  3. I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter: Even though it says 0 calories per serving, it actually is caloric and the manufacturer is rounding down. The second ingredient is oil, so it is possible to overdo it if you go nuts with spraying or–I know people do this–take of the top and pour. There are about 900 servings in the container, so if you finish a container a week, you know you’re using enough oil to add up!

  4. Low-calorie salad dressing: Same as above–it’s only low calorie in small portions. If you like lots of dressing on your salad, consider using gourmet vinegar or salsa.

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