Healthy Mother’s Day Ideas

Your mom, wife (or YOU, if you are a mother) deserves the gift of great health this Mother’s Day, so instead of a big old brunch, where the whole family stuffs themselves and then feels guilty, how about one of these healthy ideas:

  1. Have a Mother’s Day picnic with mom’s favorite healthy foods and a frisbee to get everyone active.

  2. Go for a Mother’s Day fat-burning activity like hiking, bowling or mini-golf.

  3. Give (or ask for) healthy Mother’s Day gifts, like exercise gadgets or gift certificates for a personal training session or massage. And don’t forget that some of the best healthy gifts are free–foot massages, back massages or just the promise of some time alone, without any parental duties.

Remember– Holidays don’t have to be about food! Finding other forms of celebration–games, activities, outings, etc.–will be fun and healthy.

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