Buffet Brunch Beware

With Easter & Mother’s Day coming, it’s time to discuss strategies for surviving buffet brunches. They tend to embody everything you don’t want to do if you are watching your weight, so the #1 strategy is to avoid them when possible! If that’s not an option:

  • Don’t starve yourself beforehand. Low blood sugar leads to overeating and bad will-power.
  • Be the slowest eater there. Chew thoroughly and set down your fork between bites.
  • Fill your first plate with veggies, fruits, lean proteins and salad. Fill up on those things.
  • Let your second plate be small servings of the less healthy foods that really appeal to you.
  • Plan a good walk or exercise session for later in the day.

Finally, in case you were wondering, you won’t do well by stuffing yourself at brunch, and then not eating the rest of the day. Your metabolism, blood sugar, cholesterol and intestines much prefer a few smaller meals.
If you have an Easter egg hunt, don’t forget that toys and coins are better egg stuffers than candy!
All my best,
Diet for Health will be closed this Friday and Saturday for the Easter weekend. Have a good one!

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