Don’t trust the chef

Ever wonder why the food you make at home doesn’t taste as good as the same thing at a restaurant? Even just rice. Or oatmeal. Or a turkey sandwich? How is that possible?

Well, there are two potential answers:

1) The restaurant chef has skills or ingredients you don’t. This is often true.
2) The restaurant chef uses more salt, sugar, oil, butter, lard, cream, etc. than you would ever consider proper. This is more often true.

I have been astounded by how many professional chefs will not hesitate to use 10+ servings of oil/butter/salt/etc. to make a single serving of food. When “Take Home Chef” (a television show where a 3-star chef comes to your home and helps you prepare dinner) came to my house, the chef used…

  • 2.5 sticks of butter
  • .5 liter olive oil
  • 1.5 pints of cream

That is thousands of calories of added fat for only 2 dinners!

This explains why diners usually underestimate the calories in their restaurant meals by 50%. It also explains why it’s usually easier to lose weight dining in.

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