Eating for Excellent Skin

Diet-related inflammation is a hot topic these days because it affects both health and beauty. It causes tissue to become red and puffy, which isn’t healthy OR attractive! Inflammation not only causes a puffy, ruddy, uneven complexion, but also contributes to health problems like joint pain, cardiovascular disease and even Alzheimers.

Here’s how to minimize inflammation:

Avoid these Inflammatory Foods:
-white flour
-anything highly processed (even bread and breakfast cereal)
-high-fat beef
-high-fat dairy, like cheese, cream, whole milk
-anything fried
-anything that contains trans fats

Eat more Anti-Inflammatory Foods:
-nuts (especially walnuts)
-seeds (especially flax)
-green, white or red tea
-berries (any kind)
-olive oil
-salmon, tuna, other fatty fish
-all colorful vegetables

This is a healthy way to eat, so long as you don’t overdo the healthy fats (remember–a serving of nuts or seeds is only 1/4 cup and about 200 calories!) If you have rosacia, heart disease, arthritis or just want radiant skin, give this a try and see if you look and feel better.

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