Timing is everything

Did you know that timing is everything when it comes to eating for best energy, metabolism, muscle-building and fat burning?

It is best to eat proportionally to how much energy you are burning at the time. That means if you are burning the most energy in the morning and being sedentary all evening, you should eat the most calories in the morning and eat light in the evening. This is the biggest mistake I see people make –they don’t eat too much, they just time it wrong and consume all their calories at night when they burn most of their calories earlier in the day.

You may need to wake up earlier to make time for a bigger breakfast and to pack some snacks for the day. You’ll also need to resist the urge to reward yourself at the end of the day with a big meal (unless you plan to be very active in the evening.) These changes are tough at first, but will make all the difference in the end.

Remember that the key is timing your calorie intake to mirror your calorie output. Try it and see what great results it gives you in terms of energy, mood and weight loss.

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