Stress Busting

I hope this finds you without too much stress in your life, but if it does, here are some things you can do:

  1. Eat fish, nuts and seeds daily. Salmon, tuna, walnuts and flax seeds are especially good. The healthy fats in these foods help boost mood and prevent anxiety.

  2. Don’t skip meals or snacks. When things get stressful you mustn’t forget to eat. Low blood sugar will worsen your mood and your ability to cope.

  3. Exercise the stress hormones away. If you let adrenaline and cortisol build up in your body, they age you and damage your health. When you exercise, you use them up and they actually help you burn fat!

  4. Don’t turn to comfort food for relief. Yes, it calms you, but you’ll be sorry later! Be strong and try relaxing with laughter, massage or a bubble bath instead.

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