Rack the Thai

The next few entries are going to contain tips on what to order at your favorite ethnic food restaurants. We’re starting with tastey, but often not-so-healthy Thai food!

Tip 1: Try to go to a more upscale Thai restaurant, where healthier dishes are easier to come by. In general, Thai food contains loads of hidden calories from oils, coconut milk and sauces.

Tip 2: Order the simpler meals on the menu so that you know exactly what ingredients are in your food. Avoid anything fried or swimming in coconut milk, peanut sauce or curry.

Tip 3: Get an order of steamed veggies on the side.

Tip 4: The healthiest Thai food I know of in our area is at Saladang Song in Pasadena.

Best choices:
-Broth-based soups containing veggies, chicken or seafood
-Stir-fries containing lots of veggies, chicken or shrimp
-salads with the dressing on the side
-simpler fish, chicken or seafood dishes

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