Making Mexican

Now for tips on another most fattening ethnic meal out: Mexican.

Tip 1: Order your meal without the cheese! When you eat full-fat cheese you might as well just paste it to your rear and block off some arteries.

Tip 2: Lose the sour cream, guacamole and chips.

Tip 3: If you must eat tortilla chips, slow yourself down by breaking each one into a dozen or so mini-pieces. Make yourself eat one mini-piece at a time.

Very Best Choices:
-tostada salad with chicken (but skip the 800-calorie fried tortilla shell)
-chicken fajitas
-any taco or burrito that has mostly lean meat, veggies, lettuce, tomato and salsa (but keep in mind that a single burrito-size tortilla has about 450 calories, so try not to eat the whole thing!)

Good luck and remember the two most important words in the Mexican restaurant language: “sin quesa.”

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