When in Rome

Ever wonder how Italians remain slim? Well I don’t know how they do it, but they must not be eating in our Italian restaurants!

The average plate of pasta in an American Italian restaurant is up to 3.5 cups–that’s 7 servings and 700 calories before they even add any sauce–Yikes! Here are some tips for eating out Italian:

  1. Don’t let the bread basket sit near you (don’t even let it on the table if your tablemates are willing.)

  2. Get salad or minestrone soup for an appetizer.

  3. Look for seafood, chicken or salad dishes on the menu. Ask for dressings and sauces on the side.

  4. Avoid cheese and alfredo sauce (the original “heart attack on a plate.”)

  5. Ask for the “to go” box right away and put half of your meal in there before you even start eating.

  6. Need pasta? Ask for a child-size portion in addition to your soup or salad.

  7. Need pizza or calzone? Ask for a cheeseless version with lots of veggies and chicken. Restaurants will always be able to accomodate you (they get plenty of demands for cheeseless pizza from people who are lactose intolerant.)

  8. Instead of wine, how about that fancy Italian bottled water?

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