Splurge Scourge

Everybody knows it’s healthier to spread out your caloric intake over the entire day with frequent small meals, but many people still prefer to save up most of their calories for a big indulgence once a day or week.

Here’s why that makes you gain weight:

An average body can handle at the very most 800 calories at once and every calorie above that gets turned to fat (it’s less if you are small and inactive.) So no matter how much you starve yourself before that big dinner, you’ll still store fat if you eat (or drink!) more than 800 calories.

Unfortunately it’s extremely easy to reach 800 calories at a restaurant or any time you consume alcohol or dessert with a meal. The good news is that if you are eating frequent, small meals throughout the day you won’t want to overindulge so much at dinner.

Happy light eating!

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