Vacation Vexation

In my experience, people don’t blow their diet on vacation as much as they do upon returning from vacation!

When you get back from vacation you are swamped with mail, phone messages, etc. and there is nothing to eat in the house, right? Here’s an easy solution: Plan your menu for your first day back before you even leave. For example, stock the kitchen with:

–frozen veggies and protein for making a quick stir-fry dinner
–oats and frozen berries for breakfast
–egg beaters and frozen veggies for a quick omelette
–cans of tuna, healthy soups, wasa crackers or other convenience foods from our “favorite foods shelf”
–a grocery list of everything (especially fresh fruits and veggies) that you should buy ASAP

It pays to get right back to your good habits the minute you return because you don’t give any bad habits a chance to take hold. Think of it as throwing yourself a healthy “welcome home” party!

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