Outing Inflammation

Diet-related inflammation is a hot topic these days because it affects both health and beauty–It causes tissue to become red and puffy, which isn’t healthy or attractive!

Inflammation most commonly contributes to joint pain, cardiovascular dammage and a ruddy complexion. Here’s how food works in:

Inflammatory Foods:
-white flour
-high-fat beef
-high-fat dairy
-anything highly processed (even bread and breakfast cereal)

Anti-Inflammatory Foods:
-nuts (especially walnuts)
-seeds (especially flax)
-green, white or red tea
-berries (any kind)
-olive oil
-salmon, tuna, other fatty fish
-all colorful vegetables

This is a great way to eat for health and weight loss, so long as you don’t overdo the healthy fats (remember–a serving of nuts or seeds is only 1/4 cup and a serving of oil is only 1 Tbsp.) If you have arthritis, rosacia, heart disease or just want radiant skin, give this a try and see if you look and feel better.

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