Intensity is IN!


If you don’t have much time for exercise there’s good news. Lots of new research is finding that intensity–even more than duration–is important for most benefits to health and fitness. For example, intensity is more valuable than time spent exercising when it comes to:

  1. longevity–intense exercise makes your cells act younger
  2. metabolism–you get a longer “afterburn”
  3. speed and performance
  4. heart health

Try interval training for shorter and more effective workouts. Just make sure to get your doctor’s OK and warm up first. The intense intervals can be as short as 8 seconds or as long as 2 minutes, with a slower pace afterwards until your heart rate recovers, usually 1-5 minutes.

Try it twice per week and see how fast your fitness improves! If you are a bootcamper or take my cardio-sculpt class at Caltech, Congrats!–you are already interval training.

Have a good week,

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