Losing Over Labor Day

Researchers have estimated that the average person eats 500-1000 extra calories on weekend days…without even realizing it. Yikes!

Givin that we have a long holiday weekend coming, it pays to make a plan for getting through it without gaining weight:

  1. Figure out what super-healthy breakfast you can eat (egg white omelet with veggies and salsa?) in anticipation of extra treats tempting you later in the day.

  2. What healthy snacks can you bring with you to parties? Crudite and shrimp cocktail are perfect, easy options.

  3. Should you eat a salad or an apple before going out?

  4. Can you fit in an extra workout over the weekend? How about a few extra hours of sleep?

  5. Remember the 3 Bite Rule: 90% of the pleasure of any food comes in the first 3 bites

Make your plan right now so you’ll have time to prepare. You’ll be glad you did! Happy Labor Day!

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