Food and Acne

While research has never supported the old wives tale that grease or chocolate causes acne, it has recently found a diet-complexion connection. While some acne is caused purely by bacteria or hormones, there is also a dietary culprit. It is…drum roll please…

High-glycemic foods!

These are the processed foods that raise your blood sugar quickly, often causing an insulin surge. High-glycemic foods include:

-almost everything made from white flour: bread, pastries, pretzels, muffins, cereal
-almost everything high in sugar: soda, candy, cookies, cake
-most processed foods

You should already be avoiding high-glycemic foods because they contribute to weight gain, diabetes, mood swings, high triglycerides and have poor nutritional value. But now, as if that weren’t enough, they’ve also been shown to promote acne.

Sticking with low-glycemic foods (veggies, protein, fresh fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy) will help give you clear skin AND healthy insides too.

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