Halloween haunts ’til New Year

Here’s a haunting statistic: The average American gains 4-8 pounds between Halloween and New Year’s Day. Yikes!

The first step toward prevention is don’t spike your blood sugar on Halloween !

Many people find that a single sugar binge can throw off your body chemistry and cause:

  1. greater sugar cravings
  2. increased appetite
  3. weaker will-power

You can’t afford to have that happen just as the holiday season starts…you’re going to need to be at your best to weather all the holiday parties and treats coming your way until January!

So spend this Halloween bobbing for apples, toasting pumpkin seeds or spooking your friends, but don’t go crazy on candy! If you do go crazy on candy, make sure to throw away your leftovers so that it can’t become a habit.

p.s. Sugar-free candy won’t spike your blood sugar, but remember that it’s often not as low-calorie as you might think. Read the label.

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