Tips for Weight-Gain Season


I hope you had a happy Halloween and have thrown out all the leftover candy. (If you haven’t, do it right now! Yes…NOW! You’ll be happy you did!)

Now we’re starting Holiday Weight-Gain Season, so here are a few of the latest research findings on how to prevent holiday heft:

  1. A study at Arizona State found that people who eat breakfast consume about 5% fewer calories over the course of the day. That’s about 100 calories, which adds up to losing over 10 pounds per year!

  2. New studies are finding that cortisol (the stress hormone) interferes with the transmission of leptin (the “satisfaction” hormone that tells you’ve had enough to eat.) This explains why you eat more when you’re stressed. Get proactive about managing your stress this holiday season and do your best not to overeat when you are stressed.

  3. Workouts that burn the most fat are ones that include intervals and (not surprisingly) are longer and more intense. It turns out that you don’t get very much of a metabolism boost for the day unless you do a fairly long hard workout.

Have a good week!


Didn’t throw your leftover candy out yet? Now! Do it NOW!

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