Fat-Burning Date Nights

Here are some ideas for non-fattening ways to enjoy an evening out because the customary “stuff and sit” outings–where you overeat and then let it all turn to fat as you watch a show–lead to regret on Monday morning!

  1. Go dancing or take dance lessons
  2. Go for a hike
  3. Have a healthy picnic and play frisbee
  4. Get spa treatments together
  5. Have a Shabu Shabu or broth fondue dinner at home or at your favorite Shabu restaurant
  6. Go ice skating or rollerskating (Moonlight Roller Rink in Burbank has themed music nights and evenings reserved for skaters over 30)
  7. Play mini-golf
  8. Take a yoga or pilates class
  9. Enjoy a messy meal pulling fresh crab or lobster out of its shell (no butter sauce!)
  10. For the truly adventurous…take trapeze lessons! There is a circus school in Hollywood where anybody can learn.

Consider making these part of your weekend routine and please share your favorite healthy activities that I failed to mention!

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