Protein Problems


Oh-oh! America is doing it again. We’re thinking that portions don’t matter so long as we eat the right type of food–in this case protein. (In the 1980’s we made the same mistake with carbs–remember when we thought we could eat unlimited bagels and SnackWell Cookies because they had no fat? Those were the days…until we gained weight and type 2 diabetes, anyway.)

Here’s why gorging on protein is not ok:

  1. Protein has 4.5 calories per gram, the same as carbohydrate, and excess calories from any source will be stored as fat.

  2. When you metabolize protein for fuel it creates waste products that your kidneys must excrete. Too much protein can lead to kidney strain or damage. New findings from China show that people eating less animal protein tend to have better health and live longer.

The conflict is that animal protein aids weight loss because it is more satisfying and filling than carbs or fat and it also boosts your metabolism. What is a person to do?

Eat moderate amounts of protein and then load up on veggies!

Overeating of VEGETABLES is so far undocumented and research suggests that your health & weight improve the more you eat.

Have a good week!


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