Soy Story

If you don’t want a double chin with that soymilk mustache, make sure to check the nutrition label!

Not all soymilks are created equal–They range from 60 to 210 calories per cup! Some have loads of added sugar, but even very natural ones (just soy and water) can be high in fat because of the natural fat in the soybean. The best for weight loss is Vitasoy Light Original. It has the fewest calories (60), fat (2g) and sugar (4g) of any I’ve seen. The most nutritious are the ones with the fewest ingredients–just soybeans and water. The same goes for rice milk and almond milk.

Also, remember that the soymilks used at Starbucks and other cafes are usually the tastiest ones, which are high in sugar. Nonfat milk is a better choice at Starbucks if you are watching calories and sugar.

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