Summer Snacks

Summer is here, so eat these super-foods while they are in season:

–Gazpacho soup (keep it handy as an anytime snack)
–mango slices (with cinnamon, perhaps)
–Corn on the cob (if you consider it a grain instead of a veggie, it’s super nutritious)
–berries & cherries (the fountain of youth and cherries fight pain)
–grape tomatoes
–button mushrooms (you can buy them pre-washed and ready-to-eat)
–red peppers (they travel well as snacks. Slice them ahead of time, or just bring the entire pepper plus a paring knife)
–papaya with lime
–portobello mushrooms (grill them like hamburgers)
–watermelon (sprinkle cocoa powder and splenda on top and it tastes like fudge cake)
–anything else you find at the farmer’s market

…well almost anything you find at the farmers market. When it comes to Kettle Korn and candied nuts, enjoy your free sample and don’t even think of buying any!

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