Five Pounds of Filling Food

Did you know that most people consume about five pounds of food each day? That’s how much food it takes to make the average person feel satisfied. Studies show that the best way to lose weight is to eat bulky, heavy, low-calorie foods so that when you reach your five pounds you haven’t eaten too many calories.

What are the heavy, low-calorie foods? You guessed it–they’re the ones that are high in (heavy but calorie-free) fiber and water:

vegetables (about 90% water & fiber)
fruits (about 80%)
broth-based soups (95%)

That’s why people lose more weight the more they bulk up on these foods and avoid processed foods, where the water and fiber has been removed. It makes sense–you’d have to eat about 10 cups of broccoli to get the calories in one water-less, fiber-less ounce of crackers. And a giant salad is just a big pile of water and fiber. Mmmm…..is your mouth watering?

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