80 can be the new 40

This Wednesday is the 80th birthday of Joyce Ruygrok, the Founderof Diet for Health. If you know Joyce, you know she is physically and mentally more youthful than most of us and still has the knockout figure from when she was a Goldwyn Girl in the 1940’s.

True to character, she is spending her birthday week taking care of her daughter (back surgery), throwing an all-night party for her grandson (3am Batman movie with a dozen teenagers) and spending hours playing Nintendo (Wii Fitness, no less!)

How does she do it?!

You can take heart in the fact that it’s not just genetic luck. I’ve seen her mediocre metabolism (about 1200 calories/day) and she has to work at her fitness, just like the rest of us!

Here are some of her secrets:

  1. Joyce makes a splurge plan. With her active social life and travel schedule, Joyce always looks ahead to what special treats she wants to save up for. That helps her willpower in the interim.

  2. Joyce weighs herself each morning and especially right after she returns from a trip. It might sound obsessive, but research shows this helps people maintain their weight better.

  3. Joyce gives tirelessly & finds the good in everything. Joyce spends more hours volunteering than most of us spend working! There is conclusive evidence that volunteerism, optimism & having a life’s purpose are great for health and longevity. In addition to making the world a better place, they help keep you from eating out of boredom, stress or lonliness.

  4. Joyce follows the Diet for Health menus when she’s at home–which isn’t very often–and watches her portions otherwise.

Joyce is proof that a little hard work can make 80 the new 40.

Thanks for inspiring us, Joyce!

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