Salt Solutions

Do you sometimes eat chips, fries, pretzels and the like because you’re craving salt? Well, stop it! You don’t need to eat fatty, high-carb, processed junk if all you’re craving is salt. Here are some snacks that give you salt without all that guilt:

Pickles (3 calories each)
Hearts of Palm (10 calories each)
Canned artichoke hearts (60 calories per 15 oz can)
Sea’s Gift Seaweed snack (10 calories for the whole package)
Baked kale chips (negligable calories–bake kale pieces at 350 for about 7 minutes or until golden)
Sliced water chestnuts with salt sprinkled on top (100 calories per cup)
Cucumber slices with salt and herbs (negligable calories)

or how about just adding salt or salsa to your salad or steamed veggies?

Don’t let a salt craving become a junk food fest when salty healthy foods will satisfy.

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