Food Combining Fads

There are lots of myths about food combining, most of which have never been proven with scientific research. Here are some of the few combinations with evidence to back them up. You’ll see there aren’t many.

The Good Combinations:

  1. Lemon in your Green tea boosts the anti-oxidant effect
  2. Vitamin C rich foods with iron rich foods boosts iron absorption
  3. Veggies with a little healthy fat (like olive oil) help you absorb fat-soluble vitamins

The Bad Combinations:

  1. Milk in your tea reduces the heart-healthy benefits
  2. Iron-rich foods with calcium-rich foods blocks absorption of both minerals

It is also common for people to have their own personal food combination preferences. Listen to your body, but don’t listen to the hype that comes from unproven fad diets.

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