Gifts of Health

Happy Holiday Shopping Season!

Why not give (and ask for) holiday gifts that will promote health and fitness all year long? Here are some suggestions.

Jill’s Healthiest Gift Ideas

Exercise Gear:
heart rate monitor
hand weights
exercise bands
Bosu ball
exercise videos
Camelback water pouch
exercise clothes
GPS pedometer
swimming walkman
reflective clothing
treadmill, stair climber, etc.
pilates equipment–mats, reformer, etc.

Gift Certificates:
personal training
gym membership
spa treatments
healthy cooking lessons
dancing lessons
a personal chef for a week

Healthy cooking accessories:
George Foreman Grill
popcorn air-popper
vegetable juicer
yogurt maker
grain thermos
veggie steamer
tea and tea accessories
milk foamer
microwave egg poacher
automatic egg boiler
salad spinner

Other items:
healthy magazine subscription
health newsletter subscription
books, cookbooks
fruit-of-the-month club
vegetable-of-the-month club
spa item-of-the-month-club
tempurpedic mattress
body pillow
massage chair
air purifier
small bowls and plates (because you eat less on small dinnerware)

Also, remind your family that you do not want to receive chocolates, candy or any other unhealthy gifts.

Happy Holiday Season!

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