Another great idea that didn’t work

It’s official. Another great weight-loss idea has backfired.

This time it’s the 100-calorie-snack-packs of cookies, crackers and other treats. Recent studies show that people tend to eat more calories throughout the day when they include these foods in their diet.

How can this be?!

Apparently these single-serving treats feel so harmless that they don’t get picked up by our personal “guilt radar.” Experts believe that eating treats normally makes you compensate by eating healtier later on. The small-serving snack-packs don’t.

I am especially convinced that this is true with children. When I ask kids to name healthy foods, they frequently mention Oreo snack-packs or Goldfish snack-packs right along with the fruits and veggies.

I think these snack packs can still be a good idea–just make sure to tell your kids or yourself that it’s still junk.

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