Your body’s sugar “storage tanks”


New research has found that some people are prone to release more insulin than others after eating carbohydrates. Insulin moves carbohydrates out of your blood stream and into storage– which is usually your fat cells–so these high-insulin-releasers are more likely to gain weight unless they maintain a low-carb diet.

This explains why some lucky folks get away with eating more carbs than others.

If you believe you might be one of those unlucky carb-sensitive weight-gainers (or if you just love your carbs and want to avoid storing fat after eating them), here’s a solution:

Build bigger muscles and use them regularly.

Before storing fat, your body will store sugar in your muscles, as glycogen…but only if there is space for it. When you exercise your muscles you burn up some of the muscle sugar, making room for more. Think of muscles as your sugar “storage tanks” that give you freedom to enjoy more carbs.

…now you know why I lift weights!

Have a good day,

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