Winter Weight Woes


If you’ve noticed that it’s harder to watch your weight lately, you’re not crazy. Winter weather and shorter days are tough on will-power and fat-burning for a few reasons:

  1. Being cold increases your appetite.
  2. Cravings for comfort food increase after the sun sets and it’s dark outside.
  3. Exercising in colder weather doesn’t work your heart as hard. When your heart has to pump enough blood to simultaneously fuel you and cool you (i.e., sweat) you burn more calories.
  4. It’s good TV season. Who can be bothered to be active after dinner when a new episode of 30 Rock is on?!

What should you do?

Fight your best fight until the weather gets warmer and be glad you live in Southern California! Think of all those poor folks who live up north and live like this until almost June!

Have a good week,


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