Sugar is finally proven addictive


Psychology researchers at Princeton have finally proven what you may have already suspected. Granted, they studied rats (so they could look inside their brains) but they found that eating sugar produces similar results as taking addictive drugs. After allowing rats to binge on sugar, they found

A) Altered brain chemistry: The rats’ dopamine receptors were fried, just like with drug addicts,
B) Cravings: The rats went through withdrawal when their sugar was taken away,
C) Relapse: The rats ate even larger amounts of sugar at their next opportunity.
D) Alcoholism: The rats started drinking much more alcohol after becoming addicted to sugar.

Perhaps re-classifying sugar as an addictive substance will help us have the discipline not to buy it or keep it in the house.

Now perhaps those Princeton researchers can get working to find us something pleasurable that isn’t illegal, immoral or fattening!

Have a good week!


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