POTS nutrition

Over-salting our families?

We POTSies who are able to cook may need to watch out for over-salting the food we serve to our loved ones, especially because our taste buds adapt, making it easy to forget how salty our meals might be.  While a POTSy body may need extra salt, it can be a slow killer for others. Just to get our attention, the Center for Science in the Public Interest has publicized these frightening factoids:

–90% of Americans have high blood pressure by the time they reach 70.
–High blood pressure kills Americans at the rate of a 747 crashing daily.

Whoa! We don’t want our loved ones on that flight, so here’s what we can do: In addition to cutting down on their added sodium, increase potassium. The ratio of these two minerals determines blood pressure. Most Americans eat too little potassium, which compounds the sodium problem. Here’s the good news: Foods we should be eating anyway–fruits, veggies, wild-caught salmon–are chock-full of potassium.

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