Tips for new exercisers

Hello Bootcampers (and all others starting a tough workout program)!

By now you are probably tired, sore, sleep-deprived and wondering why you haven’t lost any weight yet (answer: fluid retained in swollen muscles.) This may be the moment you are considering rewarding yourself with a tiny tasty cheat-treat…just a small one…nothing too terrible…maybe just a bite?

The latest research shows at least 5 reasons to tough it out and avoid having even a single cheat bite. Staying on-track 100% is worth it because:

  • It will instill habits faster. Healthy behaviors become automatic after a while, and that’s when you’ve got it made because they no longer require will-power. It takes less than half the time to cement in habits when you start by sticking to them 100%. It’s like training your dog. Ever made the mistake of allowing your dog to break the rules just once? It buys you weeks of extra work! Your brain is sadly similar to your pooch.
  • It changes your tastebuds. A single bite of something that is unnaturally sweet, salty or savory will overstimulate your tastebuds and desensitize them for days or weeks. Now everything else you eat tastes more bland. Staying away from junky food allows your tastebuds to re-sensitize and get more enjoyment from every bite. It usually takes 1-2 weeks and boy is it great when veggies and other formerly-boring foods start to have complex and delightful flavors.
  • It reduces your appetite. A single splurge can send your blood sugar soaring, which leads to increased appetite later on. It becomes a vicious cycle.
  • It reduces cravings. For the same reason as above; blood sugar.
  • It frees your mind. Exciting new research is showing that the old advice to enjoy your treats “in moderation” is for the birds! Occasional treats just keep you excited for the next one. When people just give up something permanently they are more likely to forget about it and never miss it.

I know how hard you are working and how much you deserve a treat – so make it a non-edible one, like a bubble bath or massage. In later weeks I’ll share tips for “cheating” and getting away with it, but for now, being 100% on track will make it easier to get great results and maintain them for life. So re-read your nutrition guide and keep this message handy for any moments of weakness. Your future super-fit self will thank you.

Make me proud! All my best,


For more of Jill’s tips on weight loss & nutrition, go to http://www.dietforhealth.com/ and click on “Jill’s Blog.”

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