Sordid Sweets & Salts


With Superbowl snacks soon upon us, it’s time to remind you that you shouldn’t mix your salty and sweet snacks. Why? Get this:

When you eat only 1 flavor at a time, your brain gets quickly satisfied, which means you choose to stop eating before too long. When you eat 2 or more complimentary flavors together (sweet & salty, bitter & sweet) your brain never gets tired of eating! One flavor enhances the experience of the other and your brain is so happily overstimulated that you won’t want to stop eating until you are ready to burst!

Food producers and sellers know this and use this to boost sales. Ever wonder why all coffee houses sell sweets or why there are free salted peanuts at bars? Food companies even hide lots of unnecessary salt in sweet cereals, just to make your brain demand more. This all means that you can reduce your appetite and reach satiety sooner if you stick to one flavor at a time.

Make sure to watch out for beverage flavors too because even diet drinks, if sweet, will keep you from ever getting tired of a salty or savory meal.

…and remember that it is extra good karma for your team if you have veggies and low-fat dip as your Superbowl snack!

All my best,

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