Crash and Burn with Eating Auto-Pilot


The average football fan consumes an estimated 1200 calories while watching the Super Bowl and the numbers are similar for movie-watchers. Watching anything while eating tends to put viewers on “eating auto-pilot”, and the worst part is that they probably don’t even taste most of those calories. Here’s why:


After the first bite of any food, your taste buds start to desensitize. That means they get used to the flavor and stop noticing it as much. By the 10th bite, you barely taste anything at all. All of your senses–touch, smell, hearing, sight, taste–do this in response to any repeated stimulus. It’s just like when your eyes adjust to bright light or you put on perfume and don’t notice it after 20 seconds.

This means that 90% of the pleasure of any decadent food comes in the first few bites. Savor and enjoy those bites then either quit eating or fill up on something healthy. Don’t swallow any junk you aren’t going to fully taste!

Have a good week,


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