Daylight Savings, stay light, cravings


Daylight Savings Time is early this year and that is good news for your diet:

  1. Our body chemistry is better at storing fat later in the day, which is why it’s better to eat bigger breakfasts and smaller dinners. Daylight Savings Time helps because staying awake longer and being more active after dinner helps prevent the post-dinner blood sugar rise that causes weight gain. Best bet: Eat early and get out for a walk after dinner.

  2. Appetite and cravings increase after dark. That’s why we tend to crave pizza, not veggies, at 11pm. Best bet: Minimize these dangerous dark hours by going to bed early.

  3. Being cold makes you hungrier. Hooray for warmer weather!

So take advantage of the longer days and make me proud! 🙂

Have a good week,


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