La Canada’s Biggest Healthy Loser Contest

Hello! Since new research is showing that people lose weight better when they bet on it, we here at DfH have teamed up with our neighbors for some fun & friendly weight-loss competition. Please join us! Here’s the information:

Let’s Get Healthy, La Canada!
Thousands in prizes will be won by LCF’s Biggest Healthy Losers.

The healthiest block in town–West Coast Boot Camp, Diet for Health, Flintridge Family Chiropractic, Perfectly Fit Pilates, Penelope’s Cafe & Blush Day Spa, along with the Community Center–is sponsoring a “Biggest Loser” style weight loss competition to get everyone fit and lean for summer.
The hope is to have some fun and friendly competition while encouraging healthy weight loss and muscle gain. They emphasize healthy weight loss, because the winners will be determined not by absolute pounds dropped (which could be unhealthy, if muscle or hydration is lost), but by percent change in body composition. That means the winners are the ones who improve their body composition the most, by losing the greatest percentage of fat and/or gaining the greatest percentage of lean tissue. Diet for Health will perform the body composition analyses, using a highly accurate bio-electric impedance method of testing. West Coast Boot Camp will offer free Boot Camp participation on Mondays to all participants and Flintridge Family Chiropractic will provide free chiropractic assessments. Other prizes and incentives will be offered along the way to keep participants motivated and on-track.

Weigh-in starts Saturday, May 30th Noon – 5pm at West Coast Boot Camp. Participation costs $50 and ten winners will win thousands of dollars worth of prizes, in cash and donations by local businesses. ALL participants will win an opportunity to look, feel and Be their very best for summer. Please join us! All ages and fitness levels are welcome. For more information, contact Adrian at (888) WCBC-FIT.

Additional details:

  • Official Weigh-In: Saturday, May 30th noon-5pm at West Coast Boot Camp
  • Official Weight-Out: Saturday, July 11th noon-5pm
  • (If unable to attend, you may weigh-in after the start date or weigh-out before the end-date.)
  • Winners will be revealed at the Awards Party, Saturday July 18th 5-8pm. Must be present to win.
  • Sponsored by the Healthiest Block in LCF: West Coast Boot Camp, Diet for Health, Flintridge Family Chiropractic, Perfectly Fit, Penelope’s Cafe & Blush Day Spa, About Face, Endermology by Casey, Print Efex, along with the Community Center.

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