A reason to Buy the Cow


As you may know, I’m not a fan of post-workout shakes & drinks unless you work out very intensely and can’t get enough calories from food…a rare and lucky problem! But new research shows that even if you would benefit from a protein drink, there’s a surprising best choice: Milk.

Yes, plain old boring nonfat milk.

In a recent study, bodybuilders drank either nonfat milk or one of several protein shakes right after their heavy workouts. Every few weeks, body fat and muscle were measured.

Surprisingly, the nonfat milk beat out all of the fancy schmancy protein drinks–both soy-based drinks and whey-based. Milk was the best in terms of both fat loss AND muscle gain!

This is just one more finding that shows Mother Nature serves us better than our own man-made creations. So quit wasting money on fancy protein drinks, unless you are lactose-intolerant AND can’t get enough post-workout calories from food. In that case, a soy protein-based drink may be right for you.

Have a good week!


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