Scary Supplements


You may have heard that the best-selling weight loss supplement, Hydoxycut, was recently recalled because of reports of liver damage, heart damage and other problems. At least one user even died from it. This reminds us that there is, so far, no magic pill. Anything that seems too good to be true…you know the rest.

Next time you are considering buying dietary supplements of any kind, beware. Two recent studies by independent laboratories found that fewer than half of supplements contain the ingredients listed in the promised amounts. They also found that some supplements were contaminated with lead or other pollutants.

There are some very healthy and beneficial supplements out there, but there are many more questionable ones. I only trust supplements that have been third-party tested by groups without a profit motive, like a well-respected university. Only a handful of supplement companies do that, and it will cost you more, but you probably don’t want to put anything in your body that hasn’t been freely and honestly tested.

When the magic pill arrives, don’t worry–I’ll tell you! …and then I’ll joyfully eat chocolate chip cookies the rest of the day… 🙂

Have a good week,


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