Hyponatremia is life-threatening


I know that many of you are working soooo very hard to exercise lots, eat right and drink your water or green tea. So listen up because this is serious:

DRINKING TOO MUCH WATER, especially when sweating and eating low sodium, CAN BE LIFE-THREATENING.

Hyponatremia is the name given to the sodium imbalance that can lead to coma and death. This is very rare, but there have been several cases recently among local folks just doing their best to lose weight. You are at a higher risk when:

–You exercise often and/or sweat a lot (which depletes sodium)
–The weather is hot (you perspire more than you may realize)
–You eat very few processed foods (big source of sodium)
–You don’t add salt to your food
–You drink lots of fluids throughout the day.

There are no clear-cut symptoms of hyponatremia until it is often too late, so take a look at your sweating/drinking/salt habits and make sure they aren’t too extreme. You should not be chugging water and you should not be avoiding salt altogether. The more you sweat and drink, the more salt you should consume.

Click here and here for more information on hyponatremia, along with recommendations of how much water and salt to consume.

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