Coffee Lovers Rejoice


Good news! You can officially stop feeling guilty about your coffee habit:

Two new studies suggest that coffee can prevent, and maybe even somewhat reverse, Alzheimer’s Disease. What’s more, many studies show that caffeine can improve mood, alertness and energy, help prevent diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and liver cancer, decrease the risk of stroke and may help prevent skin cancer and eye damage from the sun. It also increases endurance in athletes.

But BEFORE you rush out to buy a latte & stock in Starbucks, here are some warnings about increasing your caffeine intake too quickly:

  1. Watch out for insomnia, edginess, the jitters, diarrhea, etc.
  2. It will act as a diuretic for the first few weeks, until your body adjusts to it, so watch out for dehydration and eat extra minerals like calcium to replace what you lose.
  3. Keep in mind you’ll become addicted–you will probably have headaches if/when you don’t have your normal amount.
  4. It will probably raise your blood pressure for the first few weeks also, so if you have blood pressure issues, check with your doctor first.

Have a good week,

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