Flames need Flavenoids


With the wild fires raging on, I hope this finds you safe. Once you have protected your family and your irreplacable belongings, it is time to consider your lungs. The air quality is terrible, but there are some substances in foods that help protect you from lung damage: Flavenoids.

Flavenoids are the pigments in fruits and veggies, and any plant food. Flavenoids serve as anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and they prevent DNA damage to your cells. Make sure to get some of these throughout the day so that you will always have some “lung defenders” coursing through your body. All fruits, veggies and teas have them, but here are the very best sources for lung protection:

Apples (especially red)
Tea–Green or Black, decaf or regular
Brussels Sprouts

And…if you are a smoker…you need to eat loads of these foods for the rest of your life.

I know many of you have homes that are in danger. I’m sending you all my best wishes!


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