Fabulous Forgotten Food Group


What if there was a category of foods that tasted amazing, had almost no calories and had health properties that put veggies to shame? Good news…there is!

It’s herbs and spices. If you’ve gotten away from using these at every meal, you’re missing out. Not only do they allow you to get flavor without salt, sugar and fat, but they also do great things for your health, like:

Cinnamon helps reduce blood sugar and cholesterol and can help calm your stomach.

Cayenne and Red Pepper Flakes contain compounds that prevent cancer.

Ginger has loads of benefits–it’s an anti-inflammatory, circulatory stimulant and digestive aid. Being an anti-inflammatory means that it helps your health in a bunch of ways, including preventing Alzheimers, heart disease, arthritis and more.

Parsey & Basil are full of anti-oxidants and so many different nutrients that you should always eat the sprig that comes to adorn your plate.

Turmeric is the yellow spice in Indian food and appears to be the reason that Alzheimer’s Disease is rare there. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, which means it helps you live longer and better in a bunch of different ways. Research keeps connecting inflammation to more diseases, including inflammatory bowel, arthritis, auto-immune problems, heart disease and more.

I could go on and on about other herbs and spices, but you get the idea: They are all very potent little morsels of flavor and health!

Use them often–every chance you get–and splurge on ones that are fresh and of high quality. Hey, when you’re giving up so many other sources of flavor (i.e., sugar, salt, fats, chemicals) you deserve it!

All my best,

p.s. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A GREAT COOK! Add cinnamon, cloves, allspice, etc. to your cereal or fruit or yogurt, Add dill, rosemary, cayenne pepper, etc. to your cottage cheese. Drink ginger tea or chai tea, which has a lot of spices. You don’t have to cook to fit herbs and spices into your life.

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