Healthier Holiday Fun


The average American gains 8 pounds over the holidays. Yikes! Here’s our Top 10 list of holiday traditions & treats that are healthier AND more fun than pigging out. Plan NOW to include them this year!

  1. Fill a pinata with toys, stickers and coins and let your kids go at it. (I don’t have kids, so I fill it with dog toys and let the dogs tear it apart.)

  2. Make holiday soups and stews instead of cookies.

  3. String cranberries and popped corn to make lovely (and tasty) garland.

  4. Go for a holiday hike, picnic or mini-golf game.

  5. Find a fun or funny game to play during cocktail hour…one that makes it hard to eat and drink too much. Card games keep your hands busy (making it harder to eat) and you sure can’t beat Twister!

  6. Instead of making a gingerbread house (which has way too many temptations), consider making a different, non-edible craft, like a wreath or ornament.

  7. Get in the spirit by sampling holiday teas and coffee blends. I’m told that Peet’s Holiday Blend coffee is outstanding.

  8. Want a holiday baking challenge without the sugar? Try making Turducken. That’s a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey and only a brave few have ever made it.

  9. Round up all the tempting packaged food in your kitchen and donate it to a food bank for the holidays. Businesses on Foothill Blvd. (including Diet for Health) are collecting food until Thanksgiving.

  10. Ask for healthy holiday gifts, like spa treatments, fitness gear, gym memberships, personal training sessions, kitchen appliances and other presents that will get you healthier for the new year.

What have I missed? Please send me your ideas! Happy holiday season!


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