Feed on the facts


Before you bake your favorite holiday treats this holiday season, do yourself a favor: Use the recipe calculator at http://www.caloriecounter.com/ . It’s super easy and quick; simply type in your recipe and it will give you some possibly depressing, but helpful information: The calories, fat, sugar, etc. you are about to consume!

The beauty of http://www.caloriecounter.com/ is that it allows you to change your serving sizes or ingredients, so that when you are horrified by the calories in your holiday cookies, you can re-try with different serving sizes or with ingredient substitutions.

If nothing else, this information will help you slow down and savor every bite, now that you know the “cost.” And, if you’d rather not eat junk this holiday season, but still want to fill your home with delicious aromas, try making soups and stews instead of cookies and cakes.

Have a good week!


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